Who is Noname? I’ve Heard that Name Before.


Courtesy of Nonamehiding.com


You may not have heard too much about Chicago lyricist Noname, formerly known as Noname Gypsy. One of the main reasons for her lack of appropriate buzz until now is due to the fact that she hasn’t really been on the music scene much before she dropped her first official project, “Telefone” a month ago. Noname had some initial buzz before her project back in 2013 when she was featured on “Lost“,  a song from Chance The Rapper’s breakout mixtape “Acid Rap“. That feature was the song that formally introduced Noname, known as Noname Gypsy at that time, to the wonderful world of hip-hop.

“Telefone” was a project that fans of the 24 year old lyricist have been waiting on ever since her acclaimed feature from “Acid Rap”. They didn’t get the project but instead did get some music from Noname in the meantime and between time. Certain singles such as “Hold Me Up“, “Samaritan“, and another feature on a Chance single “Israel (Sparring)“held fans over until Noname’s long awaited debut. There is actually a playlist of a few Noname tracks on YouTube from a user by the name of A$AP Tyler, The Sweatshirt called “What the f*ck is a noname gypsy.” The playlist is two years old, but a majority of the Chicago rapper’s work is there.

When it comes to “Telefone”, Noname finds a way to put you in all the feels in only 33 minutes. From happy summertime with “Diddy Bop”, to community activist on “Casket Pretty”, to regret and sadness with arguably the most topic heavy song on the project, “Bye Bye Baby”. The poet introduces herself through her first project by letting you know who she is. Noname, whose given name is Fatimah Warner, reminds you of the cute girl who keeps to herself but is high-key popping. Her approach to her tracks aren’t really too high energy so you’re almost immediately thrown in a vibe. The emcee’s selection of production perfectly compliments her laid back persona. The features are on point as well with appearances from frequent collaborators Saba and Akenya as well as artist like the Mind, Raury, and Cam O’bi.

Noname’s new ten track project is a melodic culmination of jazzy boom-bap, smooth vocals, and poetic lyricism. It makes you feel like you’re back reliving your childhood with the artist at times, while making you aware of the good and the bad that comes with living in the inner city of Chicago. In other words, “Telefone” is perfectly dope.


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